Time does not respect what is done without him.

(Leonardo da Vinci)



« The Myth of Selene »

First Prize, Figuration Salon 2000, Laurier Museum. 

 Oil on canvas, 48 x 64 in. (122 x 163 cm), 1997-2001 


Greek mythology: Selene personifies the goddess of the Moon. She is depicted as a young woman whose skin is dazzling white. 

Selene had many lovers including Pan who gave her a bright white fleece as a gift. Her most famous romantic passion remains the one she felt for the shepherd Endymion, to whom the gods agreed immortality to the condition of being immersed in an eternal sleep. 

At each of the eclipses of the moon, it is said that a dragon seeks to devour Selene. Magicians of Thessaly then come to her rescue to prevent the monster to take her baleful meal. 


D. J.


















 «Silence Observed» 


"It was a silence that had nothing to do with the absence of noise. "




Here, my first goal was to paint an unconventional self-portrait, theatrical kind, where the hands, rather than the face are highlighted. 

As almost always, the inspiration came to me in a dream. In this dream, I went to the closet where I keep the fabrics that I use to drape my models, took a very large and flexible voile of golden yellow and covered myself with it. 

When I woke up, I could easily decode the meaning of this as I consulted a book on dream interpretation. The fact of covering our head is a message that the superego directs us to be silent; even if the truth is on our side, it is often wiser to keep it to yourself.  It is a gesture of tolerance. Here, the imperative of silence is amplified by the golden color of the veil: "silence is golden ...". 

About the title: I sometimes use and by intention, titles in double senses. Here, "observed" may be derived from observation (watch carefully) or observance (comply with a rule of conduct).




«16 Feathers of Immortality» 


Here, as in the "Blue Cat", the painting was created by itself, as an automatic writing. 

I first painted the face in natural tones, and the idea of the finish in marble bust came to me almost despite myself. Then I integrated the moon, my favourite composition element. Here, the treatment of the moon as a moon quarter allowed me to bring out the dark back of the head on light background, while exploiting a contrast of light on dark for the face. 

It was a beautiful fall day and I was painting outside. A bird feather lying at my feet, I painted it in front of the bust, then another, and yet another. Each feather that I painted made me see another one. When the composition was finally balanced, there were sixteen. 


The white feather, like the wings of angels, is a symbol of purity and justice, pledges of immortal truth. The number 16 is a symbol of involution and refers to the human condition.