Vandalized mural Restoration

October 23, 2013: Mural restored. 

Concerning the mural in Sherbrooke that I had to restore due to vandalism, the work has been completed (see detail). 

From now on, all the murals of Sherbrooke will be protected by anti graffiti; which should have been done quite before.. 

Mural restored

Two other walls – to which I had the opportunity to participate – were performed by MURIRS in the summer. 



Currently, I try to restore the mural that was vandalized last fall in Sherbrooke. 


For several years I have worked in collaboration with the organization MURIRS Sherbrooke to achieve urban Trompe l’oeil technique murals. My role is essentially to paint the characters. We are now performing the 14th mural this year. 

A section «Murals» in my site presents my work in this field for the past 12 years. 

It is really unfortunate that one of them has been so savagely vandalized. This requires an enormous amount of restoration and repair. 

It is much faster to destroy than to build. 


Here are some images showing the extent of damage and the ongoing work of restoration. 




Before – After


Cleaning and Detail 


I will present in a future release the results of the restoration.